7 of the most surprisingly Instagrammable spots in cruise destinations across the world…plus the one EVERYONE knows

We love our Instagram accounts!

It’s wonderful looking back at the amazing pictures from the places we have been, thinking about the memories we made there.

So, we decided to create a list of some of the best unsung places in the world for Instagrammers like us to get beautiful images.

Prepare to get inspired…

  1. Belize Barrier Reef – One of the most diverse ecosystems of the world, this is a system of reefs around 300m off shore and close to Belize City. Charles Darwin described it as ~the most remarkable reef in the West Indies.” It is home to 106 coral species, 500 species of fish, and has the Great Blue Hole made famous in the 1970s by Jacques Cousteau. You can snorkel these clear blue waters and see its colourful coral and fish. Take a waterproof camera! Look for a cruise stopping anywhere in Belize. The most popular port of call is Harvest Caye. Search for cruises to Mexico here.
  2. Abu Dhabi carpet souk – A maze of more than 100 shops and a riot of colour, this is a bustling marketplace visited by people from all over the world. There are both machine made and handmade carpets in the market, and you will also see many Yemeni mattresses. If a whole carpet is a little too much to take home, some of the sellers will make an Arabic majlis-style cushion for you. It’s well worth a visit as it’s very close to the Abu Dhabi cruise terminal. Search for Abu Dhabi cruises here.
  3. Mount Liamuiqa, Saint Kitts – This 1166m high dormant volcano is surrounded by lush rainforest and exotic plants. It is one of the tallest peaks in the eastern Caribbean and offers keen hikers a three-mile trek to the top with guided tours. There are villages up to 460m and the cloud forest takes over at 900m. Keep an eye out for sailings stopping at Basseterre, St Kitts. Search for Caribbean cruises here.                                                                                   
  4. Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes – Bought by the film star Anthony Quinn after he fell in love with it during the filming of the Guns of Navarone, this bay 4km south of Faliraki is one of the most beautiful in the Greek islands. The lush sea vegetation gives the water its emerald colour and it has natural sunbathing spots thanks to flat stones. It is very popular with young people. Most, if not all, cruise lines visit Rhodes so it is difficult to miss when sailing on a Greek island or Med cruise. Search for cruises to Rhodes here.                                                                                                    
  5. Old Town, Cartagena – Every corner has an amazing Instagram shot on it with multi-coloured houses and beautiful balconies. Tip one of the local fruit ladies to get your picture with her and, for all the Eighties aficionados, why not re-enact your favourite scenes from Romancing the Stone? If this sounds intriguing, a South America cruise visiting Colombia is the cruise for you. Search for South America cruises here.                                                                    
  6. Nan Lian Gardens, Hong Kong – A traditional Chinese garden in the Tang Dynasty style among the ultra-modern skyscrapers of the bustling city of Hong Kong. Wander among its hills, water features, rocks, and wooden buildings to the Pavilion of Absolute Perfection of the Blue Pool. If you’d love to see this, it is very close to Hong Kong’s cruise terminal, so look for a cruise to China and the Far East.” Search for Cruises to Asia and the Indian Ocean here
  7. Veragua Rainforest Research Park, near Puerto Limón, Costa Rica – Glide through the clouds on an aerial tram and spot the amazing native species high in the cloud forest. Bordering the largest natural reserve in Central America, this 3,400 rainforest reserve allows you to see wildlife such as sloths, toucans, and tree frogs in the wild. For the brave, there are also zipline tours of the canopy. The park is only an hour away from the cruise port of Puerto Limón in Costa Rica. Search for Central America cruises here.                                                                                   

 And here’s the one everyone knows…

Santorini – Voted the World’s Best Island in 2014 by the magazine Travel + Leisure for his instant charm and spectacular views of a dormant volcano and sunsets to die for. The images of this beautiful Greek island has inspired tens of thousands of people to visit themselves and recreate iconic shots. However, please be careful to keep local people on side when you do this, especially when you’re one of so many.

Check that you’re not on private land when you take images and ask permission if you think you might be. Always ask permission first if you’d like to take a picture of a local person. Search for Santorini cruises here

The best news of all?

These Instagrammable, seductive destinations are included in cruise itineraries which we offer via the Supercruises website.

Which one will you Instagram first?

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