Cruising After Brexit

Whether you have already booked your cruise or still browsing on deals, here is one thing you need to know about Brexit. It is still a good time to continue with the cruise holiday that you were about to put off from. Recent announcements, the UK is about to leave the EU, but several questions rear in people’s minds. I have booked a cruise; will it go ahead if there is an EU exit deal? Is a Brexit deal going to bring good to the cruising world? In this article, we are going to have a bite-sized explanation of how it is likely to affect holiday plans and more.

How the latest political development can affect your holiday

Apparently, the UK is about to leave the EU only delays until October 31st. Since the British parliament is now on holiday till September, holidaymakers are therefore forced to have a break until September. But there is still great news even if the UK will exit the EU; your holiday plan will still count! They have provided solutions to make sure that your holiday is going to be good as usual. With a few precautions, you are going to book your cruise holiday without any worries.

What are your travel rights after Brexit

There are a plethora of things that will change after Brexit. From 2021, if you are considering travelling, you will be required to have new documents in order to travel to Europe. But this shouldn’t make your heart skip a beat if you are a cruise holiday lover. If, at all, there will be an exit deal, the government will only need a less than ten years old passport for you to travel to Europe.

Post-Brexit holiday bookings are in good shape

Over millions of people have been seen booking a holiday after Brexit. When compared to last year, the number of people booking their holiday after Brexit keeps on increasing. From last year, statistics from the Association of British travel agents record up 12% of the total bookings for the post Brexit periods.

What you need to know about currency after Brexit

If currency is among your travelling worries, cruising is one of the simplest ways to travel. Cruising is, by far, least affected by fluctuations. Particularly, cruise lines such as P&O provides you with the total control over your expenditure during your onboard time. Commonly, cruise lines operate with an onboard currency. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the effect of the exchange rate. It won’t impact you much as you think.

How Brexit is going to affect the UK cruise market

If we are going to have the UK exiting the EU, it means we are going to have a one United Kingdom country. With a neighboring union made up of dozens, the UK is going to drop itself from the itineraries of many European cruise lines (possible if the immigration policies cause delay).

According to David Dingle, he says that Brexit will help, in that, passengers will get disembarked quickly. For instance, there are going to be round trips for cruises that are operated by AIDAmar every Monday in the cities of Hamburg and Southampton. This means, if the ship gets cleared to come into the UK, the operation is going to be quick.

Is it still okay to book a cruise in the EU?

Yes, it is ok to book a cruise for your holiday. Your holiday is going ahead as planned, and nothing will stop it. Bookings carry on normally, and travelers will be notified when the best deals and discounts are available. There is always a big market for holidaymakers.

Do I need to have a passport?

For non-EU nationals, you need to have a visa. That is, even if the UK exits without a deal. But UK citizens will be able to travel up to 90 days without a visa. But starting from 2021, all British folks will be required to apply for an extra document for them to travel to their member states. But for now, both UK citizens and EU nationals continue to travel with a passport plus any other identity card freely.

Is Brexit going to affect mobile roaming/data charges?

Sure, you are not going to be charged for extra roaming as far as Brexit is concerned. For this reason, you are going to use your mobile for calls and data as usual. Even if the UK is leaving with no deal, major mobile providers are going to keep European mobile prices in line with EU prices.

Is it possible to use a European health insurance card?

This card guarantees all folks in EU countries access to good health care when you are travelling to a member state.

After Brexit, the validity of this card will depend on the deal struck with the EU. In a no-deal case, it means the card will be no longer valid. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a holiday insurance policy before you even think of travelling abroad.

Below are a few of the Brexit promises that can put your mind at ease. They pledge;

  • To avoid currency fluctuations, you are still able to pay in pounds during your cruise.
  • Flight, meals, and drinks are an inclusive fare of your cruise.

As far as Brexit is concerned, you might be worried about its effects. But you are going to proof your holiday by doing the following things;

  1. Book your cruise holiday with an ABTA member.

This is subjected to one objective-consumer protection. If you make your arrangement and something goes wrong, who will care for you? Have you ever asked yourself such a question? Customers who usually book flights with this recommended agent are likely to enjoy the company’s consumer protection. That is, they are going to be protected under travel regulations.

  1. All-inclusive booking

Sometimes you might be worried about price fluctuation- Pounds Vs. Euros. The easiest way to deal with this issue is to book inclusive packages for your whole cruise holiday.


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