Five Common Myths About Cruise Travel

Cruises: you either hate them, or you love them. The lovers appreciate the lavish amenities, round-the-clock customer service, and experience new destinations without having to deal with trains, vehicles, and planes. The haters believe that cruise ships do not suit their style of travel or that cruisers do not get to enjoy profound experiences of the local cultures. However, ask any occasional cruiser, and he will tell you that none of the fears presented by the haters is true. You could spend so much time on-board the cruise ship while still enjoying all the luxurious comforts that come with this kind of travel and also indulge in immersive shore excursions. However, the only thing that might deny you an incredible and unforgettable experience inside the ship is your myths about cruise travel.

Read on to find out more about five common myths surrounding cruise travel.

1. Cruises are Exclusive for Seniors

This is false. According to CLIA – the Cruise Lines International Association – the average cruise ship traveller is 49 years old. Moreover, more than a quarter of all cruise travellers are forty or younger. It is imperative to set apart some time and research to find the ideal cruise ship for you. This is because different ships and cruise lines often attract different groups of travellers. Some cruise lines might be more popular with younger people, while others might attract families. A little planning will ensure that you get the ideal ship for you.

2. Cruises are Overcrowded

Typically, staterooms accommodate somewhere between four to eight guests. This space, oftentimes, is enough for a family to relax and stretch out rather comfortably. If you do not fancy using the mega-ships, there are smaller cruises that can accommodate a few hundred people. Even more, some of the smaller ships can go where the bigger ships cannot.

3. Cruise Travelling Will Make You Fat

While the buffets seem to be very tempting, gyms, workout groups, yoga classes, and spas are just as many on the open seas as they are on land. Moreover, there are also numerous opportunities for active endeavors in port to challenge the body physically. Depending on the chosen destination, anything from hiking the rainforests of Puerto Rico or climbing the cliffs of Italy, to glacier walking, scuba diving, and horseback riding will burn plenty of calories.

4. Cruises are Boring

Nothing can be further from the truth than this misconception. Shuffleboard and bridge have been substituted by ice skating, rock climbing, cooking lessons, skeet shooting, golfing, and wine tastings. Additionally, there are numerous shore excursions and ports of call. Just like gambling and liquor, shore excursions have proven to be the real cash cow for the cruising companies. There are numerous options when it comes to booking off-field excursions, which you should have in mind while planning your tours. Research is key. Moreover, booking the expedition before embarking can save you significant amounts of money.

5. Cruises are not Meant for Real Travellers

Once the traveller versus tourist argument begins, the traveller will, oftentimes, cite cruise ships as a tool for the tourist. A tourist, in this case, will refer to the person who does not fully experience the authenticity of the surrounding culture or locale. It might also refer to one who prefers to enjoy the company of his fellow countrymen and the cuisine offered inside the ship. The travellers worry that spending a day in port will not allow them to experience the destination truly.

While these criticisms hold a grain of truth, the reality is that anyone can experience what the surrounding culture or locale has to offer if they plan well in advance. If the biggest attractions form a part of your ‘must-see’ list, you should consider taking advantage of small-group excursions. On a private and well-planned expedition, you could decide to take a culinary tour of Greece, go wine-tasting in France, or snorkel on an island in the Caribbean. Even with a limited amount of time to spare, you can quickly get to learn more about the local culture and even form memories that might last a lifetime.

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