What are the key cruise trends for 2020? Take a look at our essential guide…

It’s a new year and a new decade – and some are already calling it the Roaring Twenties!

One thing we’re sure of in 2020 is that cruising will be more popular than ever.

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) 2020 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook report shows that 32 million passengers worldwide are expected to set sail this year.

The attitude toward cruising is also changing among younger travellers.

The report showed that 66% of people questioned in Generation X and 71% of Millennials now have an improved and more positive attitude to cruising compared with two years ago.

So, let’s take a look forward to the next 12 months and the two key trends we’re seeing which are fuelling a renewed interest in cruising.


We need to pack in experiences

Many of us struggle to take time away from work and family commitments so when we do, we need to ensure we get as much benefit from it as possible.

Travel industry experts predict that time-poor travellers will pack in as many experiences as possible into their trips in 2020, wanting an array of attractions and destinations.

One recent survey showed that 54% of travellers worldwide want to go to on one trip which has all of their favourite activities and sights close together to save time.

Travellers said they want outstanding scenery, historic sights, beautiful beaches, and wonderful restaurants.

One of the best ways to ensure this is to book a cruise, where time isn’t wasted with connecting flights and checking in and out of hotels.

The CLIA report also showed that 65% of travellers spend a few extra days at the embarkation port or at the end of the cruise so we get the most out of our trips.

If you’re looking to pack in visits to several countries, why not choose a Mediterranean cruise? These cruises can take to Barcelona, Roma, Marseilles, Florence, Naples, Sorrento, Nice, Monte Carlo, and Cannes, with beautiful beaches, seductive cities, and awe-inspiring art along the way.

Grandparents will get more quality holiday time with their grandchildren

One rising trend we’ve noticed in recent years is that grandparents take trips with their grandchildren.

Grandparents want to make memories with the youngsters, spend as much time with them as possible, and share new experiences with them.

This trend helps grandparents feel young and parents get some much-needed alone time.

It’s also helpful during long summer holidays when parents are unable to take as much time away from work as they would like.

Cruising is perfect for grandparents and grandchildren. There are lots of family activities available on cruise ships, from bowling alleys and kids’ clubs to IMAX cinemas and pool-side fun, and families can do as much or as little as they like!

Pick a ship with good water facilities which the children will love. Read more of our tips for families here.

Why not combine your grandparents’ trip with a visit to the theme parks in Florida? A cruise from Florida to Cuba, and the Bahamas would be a great fit with that idea.

Other trends we expect to see in 2020 include the continuing rise of solo cruise travel, more micro-travel as passengers look for shorter trips to fit into their busy lifestyles, and the search for less-visited cruise destinations to reduce the impact of tourism on popular sites.

Where will you travel in 2020? Search through 15,000 itineraries from 15 major cruise lines at www.supercruises.com.


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