When Will You Book Your Cruise Over The Festive Season? Here’s What That Says About You…

It’s almost the most magical time of the year – Wave Season!

The peak booking season for cruises starts around the beginning of the Christmas holidays and lasts until the end of March. It’s like a three-month long version of Black Friday with amazing deals.

However, most cruise lines go into the New Year with around 50% of their itineraries already booked up, so getting a head start in December can make good sense if you’re dreaming of a specific cruise ship, the right cabin, and an amazing voyage.

Getting in early can mean the difference between getting exactly what you want and having to do a little compromising.

What does when you book say about you?

  1. Any time before Christmas Day – You’re an Alpha who makes decisions quickly and know you need to act quickly to get the best deals.

You don’t lose focus and can juggle doing several things at once (shopping for Christmas and researching your dream cruise, for example).

You also know how quick and simple it is to book a cruise on the Supercruises website.

  1. On Christmas Day – You’re a dreamer.

You steal away from the relatives snoring in front of the TV on Christmas afternoon to do a little dreaming about your favourite cruise.

You know you can book online any time with Supercruises, so when you find the cruise of your dreams, you get that booking made. Merry Christmas to you!

  1. On Boxing Day – You’re a traditionalist who is sparked into action by TV advertising.

While other people are at the Boxing Day sales, you’ll be spending your time trawling the travel agents.

STOP! It doesn’t have to be this way. Just go online, put your feet up, have a mince pie, and book in minutes with Supercruises.

  1. New Year’s Eve – You’re nostalgic.

You like to book something you can look forward to in 2020 because you feel sad that Christmas is almost over.

Make it a Happy New Year by taking the strain out of the booking with Supercruises.

  1. New Year’s Day – You like a new challenge.

Your New Year resolution is to travel more and see more of the world, so you get right to it and start looking for inspiration!

Forget the ‘no pain, no gain’ thing, though.

Booking your cruise doesn’t have to be a chore you have to do to get what you want (like the gym or dieting).

Supercruises helps you book in a few clicks.

Now, where’s that wheatgrass drink?

Why choose Supercruises?

There are so many reasons!

Supercruises.com customers benefit from:

  • Independent and unbiased information.
  • 24-hour accessibility to book online wherever you are.
  • A fast and simple booking system where there’s no need to pick up a phone.
  • No booking fees, no credit card fees, and no hidden fees.
  • Easy searching with unique cruise feature comparison tabs.
  • A huge range of cruises from which to choose as we partner with 15 leading cruise lines.
  • A secure payment system from a GDPR-approved company.
  • Supercruises is also a member of ABTA, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to financial protection?

Give yourself the best Christmas present ever! Search through 15,000 itineraries from 15 major cruise lines at www.supercruises.com.

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