Why are bite-sized cruises becoming more and more popular?

These days, you don’t have to spend a fortnight in the Caribbean to experience a cruise.

Instead, you can choose a micro cruise, a bite-sized slice of a holiday at sea.

Cruise lines are offering taster cruise trips of between three and five days, with exciting itineraries and all the benefits of being on board a luxury liner.

So, why are more and more people choosing these shorter cruises?

  1. They allow people to try out cruising without committing to a week or fortnight. This allows people to decide if they like the experience and want to repeat it on a longer cruise. If you’ve never cruised before, you could be worried about how formal the trip will be, how to budget for gratuities, and whether you’ll enjoy spending time with other passengers and crew. A shorter cruise is an excellent way to answer all those questions.
  1. There has been a trend toward shorter, city-break length trips across the holiday sector as people juggle work and family commitments, and this is now being reflected in cruising. It’s more difficult to get time away from your career, juggle the needs of young children and ageing parents, and ensure everyone has a holiday they’ll enjoy.  So, a shorter cruise is a good way of getting some much-needed couples time or taking mum or dad away for a break.
  1. More people are adding a micro cruise to the start or end of their trip as a way to truly relax. Often, holidays can be packed full of experiences, especially if we’ve flown to the USA, Australia, or Caribbean. There can be a whirlwind of theme parks, excursions, and sight-seeing. So, a short cruise at the end helps you get the rest you need before you head home. Taking a few days of restful cruising also helps people relax and get over jet lag when they get to their destination, ready to wind down for a beach holiday, for example.
  1. There are more themed short cruises, from 1980s weekends to trips allowing business people to plan and network. So, you can enjoy a long weekend and do the things you love, whether that’s perfecting your painting, writing your book, or catching a performance by your favourite band.
  1. You can choose to fly and cruise or cruise from the UK. For many people, cutting down flying is an important way to cut down on their carbon footprint. A cruise from the UK allows you to travel abroad without adding more air miles to your tally.


Here are 3 of the best micro cruises…

  • Touring California? Add on a four-night cruise to Catalina and Ensenada from Los Angeles from Carnival on a ship with bustling bars, laid-back lounges, and the Carnival WaterWorks. You’ll enjoy serene beaches and amazing tacos! It’s the perfect way to experience the laid-back California lifestyle.
  • Island hop in style and pack in historic sites with a three-night cruise from Celestyal taking in Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Heraklion, and Santorini. Forget having to connect with ferries and cart your luggage on and off them. See some of the most beautiful and historic sites in Greece and enjoy the nightlife and shopping of Mykonos.
  • Visit the beautiful cobbled streets of Bruges and the beaches of its port Zeebrugge on a three-day, two-night cruise from Southampton with P&O. Sample Belgian chocolates and beer! You can also take an In Bruges film tour where the cult classic starring Ralph Fiennes and Colin Farrell was filmed, ending at one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the 272ft high Belfry of Bruges.


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