Why are so many people choosing to cruise? Here are 6 of the best reasons

More than 28 million passengers took a cruise in 2018 according to figures from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), a rise of 7% on the previous year.

There were more than four million cruise passengers in the Mediterranean alone, an 8% rise on 2017. Last year, 11.3 million cruise passengers travelled to the Caribbean, up 6% on 2017.

So, why is booking a cruise so popular right now? Here are six of the best reasons…


  1. It’s travel without the hassle

You enjoy several different destinations but only have to unpack once. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

That means you spend more time soaking in the sights, enjoying local food and drink, and making wonderful memories.

You don’t spend your precious time schlepping from airports to hotels and back again, checking in and out, packing and unpacking, and stressing about transfers.


  1. It’s a slice of home when you’re far from home

You get to know the crew and your fellow passengers, and you become a community. This is something which is perfect for solo travellers, helping them to meet friends and feel safe and secure as they travel. You also don’t have to memorise different hotel layouts, room numbers, and the way to different restaurants, as you would on a different type of multi-destination holiday.


  1. It’s the ideal solution whatever your age

Whether you’re a young couple, parents with a young family, coping with teenagers, or mature solo travellers exploring the world, a cruise is the perfect solution for you.

The age range on board is diverse and there’ll be someone of your age with whom you can chat about your day.

It’s also a safe environment for teenagers to go off and enjoy a little freedom, and there’s so much to do for families with youngsters.


  1. You enjoy your holiday at your own pace

You can do as much, or as little, as you like.

Pack your days full of on-shore excursions and activities and your nights full of entertainment.

Or, simply relax and unwind and watch the horizon as you sip a cocktail.

You choose!


  1. It’s great value for money

A lot of cruises are all-inclusive and you don’t have to change Sterling for local currencies to pay for meals and drinks. Either they are included, or you can arrange a Sterling on-board package. This is especially helpful when there are currency fluctuations. You also don’t have to pay for multiple transfers between airports in different destinations.


  1. You can stay connected to the people you love

The days of difficult ship-to-shore communications are long gone. Cruise ships have excellent WiFi so you can email, make online calls using apps like Skype and WhatsApp, and post on social media.


The rise of the shorter cruise is set to continue in 2020

Busy people who can’t fit in a two or three week cruise are increasingly getting the benefits of a holiday afloat with shorter, seven-day cruises.

Sales of those shorter cruises were up 9% in 2018, while taster two and three-day cruises were up 10%.

A two or three-day cruise can also be a relaxing addition to the start or the end of a resort stay holiday.


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