Why is the experience economy booming and how can we tap into it on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Is it time to say ‘stuff it’ to buying more stuff?

In the past few years, one of the most noticeable economic trends is how people in the UK are swapping buying things for buying into experiences.

People are putting their cash into getting experiences which will expand their horizons, bring relaxation and fun into their lives, and create amazing memories with friends and family.

This ranges from paying for trips to the theatre and cinema and days out at amusement parks to meals in their favourite restaurants or dream holidays.

The experience economy has become an important part of our lives.

A Barclaycard survey in 2018 showed that 52% of UK consumers would rather pay for a good experience than fork out for more stuff like clothes and shoes.

Although this trend was initially driven by Millennials, people of all ages and backgrounds have bought into the movement.

So, what are the main reasons behind it?

  1. We worry about the environmental impact of buying lots of things – The reduce, reuse, and recycle movement has been successful in getting people to look at the way we’ve been using resources. Many people feel the way we’ve been consuming things is unsustainable and are focusing on the ‘reduce’ part of that message.
  2. We live in smaller spaces which get cluttered quickly – The floor area of an average, new-build three-bedroomed home in the UK is just 88 sq m (that’s 947 sq ft), says the Royal Institute of British Architects. Its survey found that 58% of new-build home owners said they didn’t have enough room for the furniture they’d like. Unsurprisingly, people now want to make memories, not more clutter!
  3. We see other people enjoying themselves on social media – Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow us an insight into people’s day trips, holidays, and family get togethers in a way we didn’t see them before. It’s natural that we feel we should also be making the most of our time with friends and family, so there is more of a focus on living a little!

How can we tap into this movement on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

These days were primarily created as opportunities to sell goods before Christmas.

Black Friday originated in the USA as the day when retailers would lower their prices to encourage people to shop with them ahead of the festive season.

Cyber Monday was created as the optimum date upon which to order goods online and have them sent to you before Christmas.

However, you don’t have to order more STUFF. Instead, you could choose to buy experiences which will help you create lasting memories with the people you love.

Many people order their Christmas presents on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Instead of buying people things, you could:

  • Download someone an online book or send them an online magazine subscription
  • Buy tickets to a family attraction to spend time with your children
  • Book tickets for a sporting match or concert
  • Book a dream cruise all online with Supercruises

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That money is sent straight to your bank account and it’s yours to spend however you choose.

You could treat the family to a slap-up meal, organise a day out at a theme park, or book concert tickets for your friends.

You could also use it as spending money on board.

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